Ashley Ajayi – Portfolio

Ashley Ajayi is an aspiring filmmaker who believes in the power of cultural production as a way to prioritize marginalized communities and progress racial justice. With a keen eye towards media representation, she is interested in what stories are told, how they are told, and who tells them. She enjoys living in Los Angeles and strives to learn more about its history every day. As an Urban Futures Lab Fellow Ashley is thrilled to develop a visual arts creative practice aimed at improving social conditions for communities of color. She is also a team member with Mapping Feminist Los Angeles, a print and web-based mapping project that outlines intersectional feminist resources throughout Los Angeles county, where she works towards knowledge sharing and community development. Ashley loves to craft, shoot, and edit short film projects that center intersectional identities and the oftentimes overlooked compounding effects of multi-systemic oppression. She graduated with a B.A. in Critical Theory and Social Justice from Occidental College.