URBAN FUTURES LAB // Yearbook Edition Episode 2: What Do You Meme? – Breaking Down the UFL Experience

Urban Futures Lab: Yearbook Edition – Ep 2: What Do You Meme? – Breaking Down the UFL Experience

**For some context, this podcast and its episodes were conceived during the beginning of our quarantine season, and recorded in late April and early May—just a few weeks before the Movement for Black Lives reached new national and global apexes.

The Urban Futures Lab Fellows chat with special guest and self-proclaimed “meme distributor” UFL Alumnus Chris Barahona. Being that we are all WFH (working from home), the Fellows + Chris conversate on ways they take care of themselves, how to check in with others and life post-fellowship. Following Episode 1, this episode explores more superlatives and exclusive inside stories about Public Matters.

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  • Ashley Ajayi – ashley@publicmattersgroup.com
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  • Sabrina Im – sabrina@publicmattersgroup.com


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  • Uyen Hoang


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This podcast was written, edited, mixed, and hosted by Ashley Ajayi, Brisa Aviles, and Sabrina Im.

Cover Photo by Uyen Hoang

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Text Graphics by Sabrina Im


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