URBAN FUTURES LAB // Yearbook Edition Episode 1: This is OUR Time Capsule – One Year in Review

Urban Futures Lab: Yearbook Edition – Ep 1: This is OUR Time Capsule: One Year in Review

**For some context, this podcast and its episodes were conceived during the beginning of our quarantine season, and recorded in late April and early May—just a few weeks before the Movement for Black Lives reached new national and global apexes.

What is social cohesion in a time of disruption?

In this kickoff episode, the Urban Futures Lab Fellows of Public Matters come together (remotely) to reflect on this very question, alongside their journey thus far after recently completing the first year of their Fellowship on April 1st. With all the shifts the world has been going through because of COVID-19 and the Movement for Black Lives, and as the Fellows enter the second year of their Fellowship, how are connections being cultivated and nurtured? What’s next for the Fellows?

Ashley Ajayi, Brisa Aviles, and Sabrina Im spill the tea as they make their debut into the podcast world.

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(In order of appearance):

Lucy Ngo and AHRI for Justice
Lucy’s relationship to Public Matters began through Uyen (#CutestCoupleEver)! When she’s not being volun-told, she’s organizing community members with AHRI for Justice.
Uyen Hoang and Viet Rainbow of Orange County (VROC)
Uyen recently transitioned from her role at Public Matters, and as of this July is now officially the Program Director at Viet Rainbow of Orange County!
Amanda Carlson
Mike Blockstein
Theresa Hwang and the Dept of Places
Sara Daleiden and MKE <-> LAX



  • Ashley Ajayi – ashley@publicmattersgroup.com
  • Brisa Aviles – brisa@publicmattersgroup.com
  • Sabrina Im – sabrina@publicmattersgroup.com


Executive Producer:

  • Uyen Hoang


Trusted Advisors:

  • Lena Bhise
  • Quincy Surasmith


This podcast was written, edited, mixed, and hosted by Ashley Ajayi, Brisa Aviles, and Sabrina Im.

Cover Photo by Uyen Hoang

Creative Design by Reanne Estrada

Text Graphics by Sabrina Im


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Music: All music and sounds effects featured in this work, “Urban Futures Lab: Yearbook Edition” are derivatives of the artists listed below.