URBAN FUTURES LAB // Yearbook Edition Episode 3: The Rose that Grew from Concrete/The Lotus Rising from the Mud

Urban Futures Lab: Yearbook Edition – Ep 3: The Rose that Grew from Concrete/The Lotus Rising from the Mud

**For some context, this podcast and its episodes were conceived during the beginning of our quarantine season, and recorded in late April and early May—just a few weeks before the Movement for Black Lives reached new national and global apexes.

In this final episode, the Urban Futures Lab Fellows of Public Matters chat about the nuts and bolts of “The Lab” while reflecting on what the future will look like. Listening back to this episode feels oddly prophetic, like answering a call placed in the past. What exactly have the Fellows learned and how can it help to re-envision the future? Turn the volume up and be sure to listen. 

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Special Thanks to all those we have Snack Chatted with including: Miguel Ramos, Sara Daleiden, William Warrener, Grace Cruz, Mark Wolf Podlasly, Dr. Dennie Palmer Wolf, Vera deVera, Ron Milam, McCrae A. Parker, Milano Harden, Christina Ree, Joshua Chang, Lena Bhise, Monique Lopez 

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  • Uyen Hoang


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This podcast was written, edited, mixed, and hosted by Ashley Ajayi, Brisa Aviles, and Sabrina Im.

Cover Photo by Uyen Hoang

Creative Design by Reanne Estrada

Text Graphics by Sabrina Im


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