Public Matters // University Park Slow Jams is an LA2050 Finalist!

Help Us Build People Power + Collective Action for Safe Streets


In May 2020 alone, 21 pedestrians were killed on LA streets. Traffic safety is a serious problem.

University Park Slow Jams is a creative call to action for safer streets. The project builds a network of local advocates—groups, schools, parents, youth—to draw attention to traffic violence, build capacity, and propose solutions.

Funding will support a network of local advocates to draw attention and take action towards traffic violence in the area around University Park. Our goal: to ensure that parents and families have the resources to propose and advocate for long-term safety solutions.


Who Are Our Project Partners?

Pictured: USC Roski student Lailah Croom. Posters designed and made by USC Roski student Seanna Latiff.


What is LA 2050?

LA2050 is a community-guided initiative driving and tracking progress toward a shared vision for the future of Los Angeles. Public Voting will determine how much funding each proposal gets.

  • First place: $100K
  • Second place: $50K
  • Third place: $25K
  • Fourth place: $15K
  • Fifth place: $10K


We Need Your Help!

With your help, we can secure more funding for the Slow Jams and the network of safety advocates in the University Park Area/South LA.

Public voting opens Monday, July 13 at 9am and closes Monday, July 20 at 5pm.

>> Vote for us here!


We are looking for individuals and/or organizations who will be willing to:

  • Support by voting for University Park Slow Jams during the voting period.
  • Amplify University Park Slow Jams and work by sharing our graphics and materials in your social media outlets (tag us if you do!) and email list serves.
  • Encourage members to vote for University Park Slow Jams during the voting period.
  • Connect us to other individuals/organizations who would be interested in learning more.



Together, we can build a better future for our streets and communities!


Please contact Amanda Carlson at if you have any questions.