• Market Makeovers - South LA (2007-2009)

    Public health, youth leadership + civic engagement project in South LA

  • PDUB Productions (2008-2011)

    Participatory youth media + civic engagement project in LA's Historic Filipinotown

  • Interpretive Media Laboratory w/UCLA REMAP (2012)

    Youth workshop exploring the LA State Historic Park

  • Market Makeovers - East LA + Boyle Heights (2010-2014)

    Multi-year, multi-pronged youth leadership, media production + civic engagement project

  • The Truth About Flavor (2014-2015)

    Youth leadership + media production pilot program in South Central LA

  • Hidden Hi Fi (2015-Present)

    Arts, culture + equitable development project in LA's Historic Filipinotown

  • Greetings from East LA (2016-2020)

    Art, design, urban planning + youth leadership project in East LA

  • Temple Street Slow Jams (2017 + 2018)

    Vision Zero L.A. community education + engagement projects

  • pedal2parks (2018)

    An event with the Los Angeles River State Park Partners about bike access to the LASHP

  • University Park Slow Jams (2019-Present)

    Socially-engaged art, engagement + capacity building project for safer streets