M.M. East LA + Boyle Heights // Media Production


What decisions influence your diet and health in the food desert? These videos created by students from East Los Angeles Renaissance Academy  (ELARA) at Esteban E. Torres High School in East Los Angeles and the School of Communications, New Media and Technology (CMNT) at Theodore Roosevelt High School in Boyle Heights offer insight into the challenges of eating healthy when it’s hard to access healthy food.


They also address through humor and honesty the impact of rampant preventable diseases related to poor diet on students and their families.

East Los Angeles Renaissance Academy at Esteban E. Torres High School 

Thanks to Freewaves’Out The Window” program, ELARA’s media production for Proyecto MercadoFRESCO went mobile on the LA Metro buses, too, reaching an audience of millions weekly. Many bus riders are working class who don’t have any other type of transportation to the grocery store. The videos screened on the buses were a series of ELARA students’ personal struggles of access to healthy food.

School of Communications, New Media and Technology at Theodore Roosevelt High School

The students at CMNT created media that could bring attention to the calling to eat unhealthy in a community where there aren’t many healthy options offered. From a community where chips and soda are easily accessible, these students demonstrate that healthy eating is always the right choice and is a way to prevent diseases for themselves and for their families.

This project was supported under a subcontract with the UCLA Center for Population Health and Health Disparities (CPHHD) under Grant No 1P50-105188-01 from the National Heart Lung and Blood Institute (NHLBI).